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Christmas gift ideas to add to your wishlist.

This year is (almost) getting to the end. The most exciting time of the year has begun. 2020 has been and still is a crazy year, but that can not stop the xmas spirit. This time, Christmas shopping starts more early than ever, and with all the restrictions and lockdowns happening around the world, is normal to be expecting to do most of the shopping online. That's why today we bring you a list of 5 fantastic (and affordable) gift ideas that you can get for yourself or your loved ones for this Xmas. What is best of all? These all have free international shipping so enjoy your shopping.

1-Little monster hoodie.
Thinking of doing something different with the ugly sweaters this year? Get this cute little monster hoodies to match with your family and friends. With 6 colors to choose from and size from S to 2XL, this can be the perfect fit for the whole squad.

2-Virtual pet game necklace.
This virtual pet game is all you always wanted and more because you can literally carry it everywhere by being also a necklace. There is no age for games, this gift is perfect for any gamer of all ages. You can get it for your gamer friend or also that little cousin of yours that every time he sees you keep asking to play the games on your phone(well, that won't happen anymore with this).

3- Shopping bags but make it *COOL*
Tote bags are a must-have. They complement your outfit and you are also saving the planet by not using single-use plastic bags. A win-win right?


4- Gift Card
Want to give the best gift but you are not sure of what? Just get a special gift card and let them choose what they want. You can get gift cards from $10 to $200. It's your choice! Click here


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