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Get the Cottagecore aesthetic look.

We all know what’s been going on for the last couple of months. With all the lockdown happening in several countries around the world due to COVID-19, people started spending way more time on social media.

Somehow the Cottagecore aesthetics started getting viral and gaining more popularity during this time. It seems like with the insolation, people tend to try find new ways to get through it, consuming more calming and aesthetic pleasing content. The Cottagecore aesthetic invites you to live that dreamy and calming life of a countryside cozy house surrender by nature.

On today’s post, we bring you 4 items starting at $9.99 that you can get to archive the look and start living your Cottagecore aesthetic dream.

Red square collar blouse 

This cherry red blouse is a must-have. The design of it and the patter screams cottagecore all the way. It will give you that summer soft girl cottage look that you are looking for. You can get yours by clicking here.


Printed canvas tote bag

This tote bag with the print of water lilies painting by Monet is a dream come true. By wearing this, you would be literally carrying art with your outfit. You can get yours by clicking here.


Daisy flower earrings.

Nothing is more Cottagecore aesthetic than flowers. And what a better way to carry flowers with your outfit than as jewelry. You can get these daisy flowers earrings by clicking here.


Big size scrunchie.

And last but not least, the legendary scrunchies. You can not have a complete look without some cute hair accessories and this big size scrunchies are the cherry of the top of this cottage core look. With them, you will be able to achieve a lovely hairstyle. You can get yours by clicking here. Available in 10 different colors!


And that's all for today's post! What are your thoughts on Cottagecore aesthetics?

Which item is your favorite? for what occasion you would use them? Let us know in the comments! 








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