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New year's resolutions for 2021- Tips & Ideas

If there is something that 2020 taught us, it is that life is unpredictable so you must keep it in mind when you are writing your purposes. For this new year, we invite you to write your goals in a different way, with more short-term goals, and above all to improve personally and take care of your mental health. We will give you a few useful tips to write your purposes for this new year 2021 and a list of ideas if you are still not sure what to write.
- Create not only annual goals but monthly too.
- Start using a planner to keep track of your goals, to stay organize and focused on what's important for you. You can get yours here.

- If your thing is not planning and it actually makes you stressed, try to start writing a gratitude journal. Make your thoughts run into the paper by writing what are you grateful for now. It can be even the smallest things. This will help you start having more positive thoughts by always keep focusing more on the positive things. You can write every day and make it into your routine, every week in a special time only for yourself or once in a while when you feel like to.
If you want to have your own gratitude journal check here.

- Not everything has to be written. If you are more of a craft person, you can turn this into a fun activity by making vision boards. Leave your mind free and have fun while planning and vision what you really wish for. Just remember, this does not have to be a stressful activity to do so find your most comfortable to do it.

Now that you have chosen your way to plan your new year's resolutions, here we give you a list of a few ideas self-focused:

Sleep more - drink more water - clean more often - be more patient - quit a bad habit - form a new good habit - learn how to be alone - try something you've never done before - clean your space - read more - stop procrastinating - start a gratitude journal - make a bucket list - learn something new - worry less - less insecurity, more confidence -

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