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How to get overnight heatless curls | Easy & perfect curls without heat!

The traditional curling methods that we normally use are based on applying direct heat to our hair. With the repeated use your hair will start tending to get dry, brittle, and damaged. It will start to lose the natural shine and look dull and unhealthy. Also, with frequent and regular use, it may start creating slip ends. The best curling iron tools might be gentler to your hair, but they are also way more expensive, making the cost up to $500 in some cases. And with the continued use it will also end up damaging your hair too.
That's why we present you the "The heatless curling rod headband". With this great tool, you will avoid all the disadvantages that the traditional methods cause. Because this method is a natural way to make your hair curly, your hair will not be receiving any damage-causing by heat.

But... What is a heatless curling rod headband?

Is a new healthy way of curling your hair without causing any damage. Because is made of gentle materials and a heatless method, your hair will not damage and remain healthy. Use it overnight and wake up having the curly hair of your dreams!

How to use it?

  1. Put the curling rod over your head and secure it with the claw clip.
  2. Part your hair down the middle into two equal sections
  3. On each side, start to wrap your hair around the curler and secure with the scrunchies on the bottom, and done!
You can leave in for two or three hours in the daytime with slightly wet hair or sleep with it overnight with slightly damp or dry hair.
You can purchase "The heatless curling rod headband" at tristarboutique.com. With the sale price of just $32 + FREE Shipping, you will be getting a complete set to start having the perfect curly hair every day without worry about any damage.
Start making your hair look great and healthy every day!

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