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5 mistakes you're probably making with your hair

When it comes to your daily hair routine, there is a lot of simple mistakes that you might be committing that results in damaging your hair.  Here's a look at the five most common mistakes that can you are probably doing with your hair.

1-You are tying your hair too tightly 

-Is tying your hair up bad?-Is it bad to wear your hair in a ponytail every day?-Should I tie my hair or let it down?-

When it comes to hairstyling your hair, the most common mistake is to tie your hair so tight that it will not only result in headaches but also in hair breakage and stress. If you need to have your hair up regularly and can't get away with a few 'down days', try to use more gentle hair accessories. We recommend big hair claw clips, banana clips, hair bun makers, ...
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2-Using heat tools to style your hair.
-Are Heat tools bad for hair? -

Hot tools can also make hair look crispy and create split ends if overused. That's why it’s best to reduce the amount of heat you put on your hair as much as possible. Try to find more natural ways to style your hair without damaging it. If you are into wavy hair, the Heatless Curling Rod is the best choice for you. You can get overnight curls without damaging your hair. If you apply heat to your hair to get rid of static, your best choice would be using an antistatic hair brush.


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3- Detangling and brushing with wrong combs/brushes.

Using the wrong brush for your hair type will not only undermine the shape and definition of your hair, but you will also take the risk of damaging your hair. Almost all the struggles women face with their hair every day are a result of the use of incorrect tools. That's why is so important to use the correct hairbrush depending on your needs.
We recommend having a set of high-quality comb and brushes to use in each step of your routine.


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4- Not washing your hair properly.

Washing your hair right is one of the key steps in your hair care journey. That's why if you are doing it wrong it will bring consequences on the health of your hair.
One super recommended trick is to start using a hair scalp massage brush to wash your hair. By using the brush while shampooing your hair, you are not only deep cleaning and removing any bad residues from your scalp, but you are also stimulating your scalp to get the circulation going. It keeps hair healthy and moisturized because it stimulates hormone and oil-producing glands so the oil coats the hair too, moisturizing it naturally. Clean and healthy scalp: beautiful and healthy hair!

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5- Using too many products.

Did you ever hear of less is more? Well, this applies to your hair products too. Having nice hair is not about how many products you apply to it, is about what your hair actually needs. First, you should learn about your hair type and patron ( Check this awesome quiz to find out yours) and then learn about the needs of your hair. By following this you will be treating your hair in the proper way and also you will save a lot of $$$ on products that you don't need.

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