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korean style makeup looks

For today’s post, we bring you 5 stunning Korean style makeup tutorial looks to get inspire and try for yourself!

You don’t need to be an -makeup expert-  to experiment with your look. Feel free to try and play with what you got at home. Experiment with different styles, play with the colors, change little details to suits it better for you… As we like to say… find your own style and let it shine!


First, we have this lovely look by @im_hae_She presents this “Korean Ulzzang cherry makeup”. Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


Second, this look by @edweird0 recreating the makeup of Irene from Red Velvet on the "Psycho" MV. 

Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


On number 3 we have this stunning look by @ponysmakeup.  Click HERE to watch the tutorial.



 And last but not least, here we have this gorgeous look by @hayley_bui . Is not only a makeup tutorial, she also complete the look with a hairstyle tutorial as well. Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


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