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How to take care of your hair in summer

You might notice that after a few weeks into summer, your hair starts changing. -Is summer bad for hair?- Not necessarily. Is not about the season, is about a lot of different factors that are causing your hair to have problems in the summer months like dip in the swimming pool, 
That's why we put together a list of simple & easy summer hair care tips and tricks to achieve healthy hair.
You don't need a lot of expensive products. The key is to start using the right tools to help your hair glow in its natural form!


-How can I moisturize my hair in summer? Can we wash hair daily in summer?-

Washing your hair right is one of the key steps in your hair care journey. That's why is so important to do it properly.
One super recommended trick is to start using a hair scalp massage brush to wash your hair.

By using the brush while shampooing your hair, you are not only deep cleaning and removing any bad residues from your scalp, but you are also stimulating your scalp to get the circulation going. It keeps hair healthy and moisturized because it stimulates hormone and oil-producing glands so the oil coats the hair too, moisturizing it naturally.

We also recommend you do hair masks or deep conditioning treatment for your hair at least once a week! Specially for dry hair.

Clean and healthy scalp: beautiful and healthy hair!

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-Does hair break more in summer? What happens to hair in summer?-

In summer, your hair is exposed to a lot of factors such as salty water from the beach, high humidity temperatures and high chemicals from the pool that are most likely to be weakening your hair. Using a lot of conditioners and expensive treatments is not enough. You have to protect your hair in every step of your routine. The reason for damage and breakage increasing is behind the most innocent tool: Hairbrush. Did you ever pay attention to that? I guess not.
Using a high-quality brush can avoid damaging your hair even more after having been exposed to stuff like these. The detangler flex brush is made for all natural hair types. Is designed to fit the curvature of the scalp, making it easy to remove knots and comb the curls without pulling the hair. Because of the practical design, you can easily adjust the width of the brush with the detachable bracket in the back.

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Your hair already has enough dealing with everything I mention before, and applying heat to it doesn't help at all. Try to find heatless alternatives that help you achieve the hairstyle that you are looking for without keeping damaging your hair. Instead of using blow-dry, try to air dry your hair. If you are looking for curls, the heatless curling rod is a great alternative. What is the heatless curling rod? Learn more HERE.

If you are looking to get rid of frizz and static, the best choice is to use an anti-static brush instead of a hair straightener. Is faster, easier and healthier for your hair ( cheaper as well!).


Very tight hairstyles can be hurting your hair even more. A good alternative to common tight hair ties is using wide-tooth claw clips or spiral cord hair ties. These types of hair accessories are way more gentle to your hair, so you can still hold your hair up without breaking it down. If your hair is already too damaged, we recommend you doing regular trims to get rid of split ends and dry damaged hair. 

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Also, everything depends on the type and patron of your hair. If you don't know the type and patron of your hair, play our FREE QUIZ to find out which type and patron you are and get exclusive product recommendations!

Remember that you don't need a lot of expensive products, the key is to start using the right tools to help your hair glow in its natural form!

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