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Detangler brush

Detangler brush

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Did you ever wonder, what is the best brush for detangling your natural hair? Well, we finally found the answer with the eight-row detangler flex brush. This hair detangling brush is designed for all hair types, but especially for 3A-4C textured hair types (kinky hair). Almost all the struggles women face with their hair every day are a result of the use of incorrect tools. That's why is so important to use the correct hairbrush depending on your needs. Make the ultimate detangler part of your hair care routine!


What makes this detangle brush so special?

  • Hollow Body: The brush is designed to fit the curvature of the scalp, making it easy to remove knots and comb the curls without pulling the hair. Also, it can effectively massage the head and promote blood circulation.
  • Flexible Bristles: This practical design helps detangle your hair easily without pulling and damaging hair. Suitable for wet hair and dry hair. 
  • Comfortable Grip: The Non-slip rubber grip provides you comfortable & precise control.  Easy detangle within minutes.
  • Adjustable width: You can easily adjust the width of the brush with the detachable bracket in the back creating a wide spaced between the bristles. 
  • Hidden section: At the back of the grip, it features a small section to keep your hair ties and small clips safe.
  • Comfortable size: 24.5cm x 4cm x 5.5cm
The original detangling brush is friendly with all hair types. 
We understand how busy your life can get, that’s why our products are mean to be time-savers and effortless. You need and deserve time for yourself and we are happy to be part of it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love this hair brush. Best purchase ever

Laura Anderson

Brilliant brush!! Really great on the shower and doesn’t pull or break the hair. Highly recommended

Sarah L.

Brush very beautiful, great material, works wonders. I was anxious this package!! The shipping was fast.

Beulah Crist

Excellent Product, arrived super fast

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