About us

Our Story

Hey! I'm Mary and I'm the founder of Tristar Boutique. My middle 20s found me living far away from home, overworking every day, and stressed. I wasn't taking care of myself as I should and I didn't have the time either. That's why I started trying to make the simple tasks of every day a self-care ritual.

What we do

We offer an affordable range of heatless hair styling tools and hair accessories to help you style and take care of you hair in a natural & healthy way! Our hairstyling products are unique because they are all heatless, which means that no heat is needed to be applied to your hair, and because of that they will not damage your hair. All of our products are a better and healthier alternative to common products. Our hair accessories line products are friendly with all hair types (shout out to our curly girls out there!). We understand how busy your life can get, that’s why our products are mean to be time-savers and effortless. You need and deserve time for yourself and we are happy to be part of it!

Our Vision
We envision a world in which everyone can embrace their natural beauty and can dedicate the time for themself that they deserve.