About us

Hey there! I'm Mary, the founder and chief sparkle enthusiast at Tristar Boutique. My journey began in my mid-20s when I found myself far from home, caught up in a whirlwind of work and stress. I realized that I needed to make time for self-care, even in the midst of my busy life. That's when I started turning everyday tasks into little self-care rituals that brightened my days.

What We Do

Here at Tristar Boutique, we're all about making you feel fabulous inside and out! We offer a fantastic selection of hair accessories, bags, and other stylish must-haves at super affordable prices. Our heatless hair styling tools let you create stunning looks without the damage caused by heat – because who says you can't have gorgeous hair and keep it healthy, too? Plus, our hair accessories are perfect for all hair types (curly-haired gals, we see you!).

We know how crazy life can get, so we're all about time-saving, effortless products that help you make the most of your me-time. From chic bags to stylish accessories, we've got everything you need to feel amazing and express your unique style.

Our Vision

At Tristar Boutique, we dream of a world where everyone can embrace their natural beauty, feel confident, and make time for the self-care they deserve. We're here to help you shine, one fabulous accessory at a time!

So go ahead, explore our collection and treat yourself to a little something special today. You deserve it!